About Us

Our Mission

1. Provide a consistent, efficient and accurate method of snowmobile trail maintenance data collection and analysis.
2.Provide timely and accurate grooming status reports to snowmobilers.
3.Improve the overall snowmobile experience for riders and trail system managers



Groomer Tracking Systems (GTS) strives to provide a better riding experience for snowmobilers. Our company provides two important services to the snowmobiling industry. Through, websites, databases, apps and accurate GPS technology, GTS provides precise data collection and analysis of snowmobile trail maintenance which can be used for reimbursement calculations, resource allocation and more. Groomer Tracking Systems also provides timely snowmobile trail grooming statistics through an Android and iPhone compatible platforms. Users can access this data using their smartphone to help chose the most enjoyable route for their snowmobile trips. Groomer Tracking Systems is a company created by avid snowmobilers focused on improving the overall experience for riders and trail system managers.